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A few years ago, strapped for cash at the holidays, we wanted to make something special for our friends and family. Cookies? Been done. Fruit cake? Not for those we love. In a moment of sheer genius, we had it — herb-infused oil! Those gifted with our homemade brew couldn’t get enough of our healthy alternative. So here we are. And here YOU are, officially a member of our family. So eat up and enjoy!

And be sure to visit the Recipe Book section of this site. You can get more recipe ideas, order another bottle (or two) and post the brilliant ways you have discovered to use OMG!

Uses for OMG!

Your OMG has a higher flash point than other oils, so it won’t smoke, spatter or taste ‘off’ at high temps like other oils. This makes it perfect for grilling, sautéing, frying and baking as well as the base for salad dressings, drizzled over pasta or as an hors d’oeuvres dipped with your favorite bread. This also makes OMG a healthier option because when oils reach their flash point (the temperature at which they begin to give off smoke and burn), the oil molecules become those awful free radicals they’re always talking about. These are harmful to the cells in your body. But don’t take our word for it! Read more about free radicals and the health benefits of grape seed oil on our Rx For Health page.

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