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by admin on Sep.11, 2009, under Health

I am continually amazed at the response we get when we tell people that Oil My Goodness is made with grapeseed oil.  An elderly lady in the checkout line at the market said, “Oh yes!  My doctor recommended switching to grapeseed oil to lower my cholesterol.”  A preschool teacher said, “As part of my new diet, My doctor told me to switch to grapeseed oil to help control my blood pressure.”   Recently, at a street fair sale, a young girl said to me, “Oh yeah, my Dad has cancer, so he uses grapeseed oil for everything.”

The word is out there and spreading all the time: grapeseed oil is the healthy alternative cooking oil.  I have set up Google Alerts for grapeseed oil and get daily updates of blogs, articles, recipes and other related postings and in 4 months, not one of them has mentioned even a single drawback to this amazing food!

I thought I’d share with you one of the articles that was recently posted.  In it, the author compares olive oil to grapeseed oil.  This is not from a sales page, so he is not trying to push one or the other.  In the end (spoiler alert!) he finds that grapeseed oil is a far more flexible, useful and healthy oil overall.  The primary advantage that olive oil maintains is that lovely olive-y flavor required by some dishes.  Otherwise, they are similar in basic nutritional qualities such as fat and cholesterol, grapeseed is higher in antioxidants, more mild in flavor, has a higher flash point and, since it uses what would otherwise be a byproduct of wine and grape juice, is the green option.

Enjoy the review!

Olive Oil Vs. Grape Seed Oil

By J.C. Lewis
Olive oil and grape seed oil are both widely available cooking oils from plants. Nutritionally, they are both considered “good” oils as they are high in unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. They are very similar in terms of nutritional value. When choosing between the two types of oil… Read More


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Here We GO!

by admin on Aug.18, 2009, under Events

Well hey there!  Dan and I are so excited to launch our web page and start getting the word out about the health benefits of grape seed oil and our handmade product line, Oil My Goodness.   Thank you so much for being here with us on day one!  Take a moment to poke around the website and be sure to check out all the pages.  You’ll get a little background on how we got started and why we are so passionate about Oil My Goodness!

We hope you’ll find the Rx for Health page interesting and helpful.  We’ve tried very hard to gather as much research as possible so that you can be fully informed on the major health benefits of grape seed oil. We’ve tried to be objective in our research so that you know the pros and cons of using grape seed oil, but honestly, we haven’t been able to find any cons!  We are always looking for new studies and articles and will be posting them as we find them.  We have also attempted to avoid listing other oil sales sites as sources, since they are likely paint a rosy picture – after all, they are trying to sell you something.  OMG is so good, we don’t have to ’sell’ you anything – once you taste it, it’s all over!

My favorite page is the Recipe Book.  What is really amazing about OMG is that it makes delicious cooking so simple!  Friends, family and even professional chefs who have tried it are so excited to share their latest creation with us!  Once you have tried OMG, you’re highly likely to come up with some fabulous new way to use it.  You are invited to go to the Recipe page and post your brilliant ideas for everyone else!  Check out the page for new ideas, too, to get you started.

If you are an animal person, be sure to check out Our Pets.  We’re nuts about our dogs, as you will see!

Our sales page, Get Your OMG Fix is almost finished but be sure to visit it anyway to put yourself on the list to be sent a notification when we are ready to start selling.

We currently have two flavors- Urban Fused, our original flavor, and a spicy version.  We don’t have a name for the spicy one yet, so help us name the baby!  Respond below with your suggestions.  Those up for consideration already: Hot-Cha-Cha and Nice Spice.  What can you come up with?

Thanks again for your support!  Don’t forget to pass this site along to your friends, family and coworkers.  This healthy alternative to typical cooking oils combined with the delicious flavors make this a winner for everyone!


Gina Kegel

OMGenius (Yep, that’s my legal business title!)

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